Creating Flower Fix

Let me set the scene. It’s Monday morning and you’re in the shower with a building sense of dread. You’re expecting work to be a shit-storm today, there’s about 12 people you’ve been meaning to get back to, laundry to your eyeballs, school lunches (heck, even your own lunch!) to pack, and hang on a sec – weren’t you meant to sew your daughter’s school play costume last week? Let’s be honest, if you laid out your to-do list it’d probably reach from here to Timbuktu. Damn it. How does [insert your Instagram crush here] do it?

And this is the place you’re meant to be living out your dreams and loving life?

Well, actually, YES. Because as much as we glorify the culture of being busy and doing it all, there’s nothing glorious about feeling so frantic and overwhelmed that life becomes a grind, and you can barely be present for yourself or your loved ones.

When I started Flower Fix, this was the conundrum that was turning over in my mind. The idea of how to adult effectively but still be able to recognize self worth, experience creativity and pursue joy on a daily basis.

Yeah yeah, that sounds fluffy. But it’s true. It’s almost impossible to make great decisions, work in an energized way, or care for the people around you if you’re stressed, flustered, bored or resentful.

So I’ve decided to build a business idea around just one small thing – fresh flowers. Conveniently presented, and in a fun, interactive DIY format. So not only do you get the pleasure of having beautiful fresh flowers in your life – at home or on your desk, but you get to tap into your creative energy and make time to play and create something beautiful.

Making the decision to prioritize your self worth, and build beauty right into your life isn’t an easy decision to make for some, but ultimately so beneficial to your wellbeing. And that’s why I’m committed to pull out all the stops to make workshops and shipped kits beautiful/surprising/amazing/empowering as much as I can.