Vase groupings… Lil’ vases, lota punch

Of all the vases I own, time and time again I refill most frequently my little grouping vases. First, they are almost always out on my window sill or displayed on a shelf. In sight, I pop blooms in them way more often than those containers I have to go to my cabinet to dig out. These sets looks stylish and designery on their own. With a couple blooms, they make a statement. Four to six in number work great. I suggest everyone invest in a set of vases that speak to you. Maybe they are your favorite color, maybe they are a collection of similar sized vessels collected from travels. Think about what would compliment a bookshelf or dresser and take the plunge to purchase. (You can also shop our online store for the versatile set shot in this blog)

Here are some tips for styling and displaying grouping vases.

  1. Purchase a small mixed bunch of flowers from Flower Fix or your local florist. Snip stems short and tuck into containers.
  2. Place a single type of flower in each vase. Keep it simple and elegant.
  3. On a budget? Snip evergreens or other foliage from nearby bushes. Place a little touch in each container.
  4. Have your cluster vases close by when designing a larger arrangement. Rescue shorter blooms or broken blooms by tucking in these smaller vessels.
  5. Create the illusion of one larger arrangement by connecting containers with bear grass, lily grass, or small branches (this look is a super economical way to add color to a long dining room table).
  6. For a dinner party or shower, fill matching vases with colorful blooms and use as pops of color on a dessert table or buffet. Give as a delightful and unexpected parting gift to your guests (and try not be be sad as these cuties walk out the door).
  7. Get more mileage out of an older flower arrangement by clipping still nice blooms into a small vase of fresh water.
  8. For a touch of luxury, move a single vase from the collection into your powder room or bedside table.

Little cluster vases are a great way for beginner designers to be successful arranging flowers. Jump in with a set of your own and share with us on our Facebook page your photos. Hoping this post encourages you to arrange amazing!