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Flower fix is a DIY experience for flower lovers and party seekers to get florally creative in a fun environment. We provide the tools and tips to teach and inspire. Attend a local class, host a party, or check out our DIY floral design videos and tips. We want to give you the skills to style your own spaces and events with botanicals.  Whether you join a workshop at our home or host one in yours, we strive to take that “untouchable” element out of flowers.  Grab some clippers and lets get styling!!



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I’m from a rural town in Nebraska. I began apprenticing with a local florist at a very early age. After attending the University of Nebraska, studying Fine Art, I opened a flower shop in Lincoln, Nebraska. I’ve studied floral design in Aalsmeer, Netherlands at the Boerma Institute, and it was there I received my Master Florist status. In 2004 I was inducted into the American Institute of Floral Design (a super cool organization dedicated to recognizing and promoting the art of floral design as a professional career). I moved to Kansas City in 2005 and opened a boutique in the crossroads Arts District showcasing fine art, floral design, and teaching floral design classes. A move to the great state of Colorado inspired me to create a floral platform where I can not only delivery great floral arrangements to clients, but teach and inspire flower lovers in Colorado and beyond.

Why I started Flower Fix

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In 2014 I moved to Denver Colorado. After a couple of months off of flowers (yes, they are like a drug), I was itching to get back into the floral industry. I realized in past endeavors, what I really loved most, and made me feel fulfilled was teaching, so I focused on how I could center a business around education. I began developing a platform for providing design workshops locally. After setting up local workshops, the thought occurred to me that everyone, no matter where they live, should have available great florist quality flowers and stylish vessels, even if they do not have the good fortune to live in Colorado. So, I started recording workshops, developing floral how-to video content and through my website, making florist quality supplies available to everyone.

Our Brand of Flowers

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We pride ourselves in selecting and curating a delicious combination of botanicals for workshops, Bloom Bunches, and daily deliveries.  We never dye or contort flowers in a way nature would not intend.  Carnations and baby’s breath will not show up in your floral selection.  Birthday balloons and candy bouquets we leave for the supermarkets.  Our goal is to show you the freshest seasonal flowers and maybe introduce you to your new favorite flower along the way