• Group activities Flower Fix Memorable Group Activities for your Company

    Group activities can be the most important “and beautiful” business investment you’ll make. Most of us hear the word group activities, team-work and team building and moan. It has a bit of a reputation for being dull and a big waste of time. However, if incorporated into work life correctly, it can really be one […]

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  • aifd Introducing the AIFD – American Institute of Floral Designers

    I’m a proud member of the AIFD – the American Institute of Floral Designers. What sounds like a mouth full is actually a super cool organization dedicated to recognizing and promoting the art of floral design as a professional career. I has been in existence for over 50 years! It is currently the floral industry’s […]

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  • Unique team building experience

    Flower Fix workshops create a unique team building experience for Denver companies. In the corporate environment employees have to work with a variety of personalities. A business’ success can often depend on how well their staff members are able to co-operate across projects and everyday tasks. Team building activities go a long way to achieving […]

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  • No fear, Tillandsia is here!

    I love plants, but I don’t have a green thumb   No fear, Tillandsia is here!   I love plants and flowers.  I love them so much I decided I wanted to spend each and every day with them and so I became a florist.  I’ve spent years developing my craft through education and believe I […]

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  • And the 2018 Pantone Color of the year is…..Ultra Violet!

    As a floral designer, color is the single biggest design element I use to ignite an emotion. Color is an easy way to create a mood and helps me quickly tell a story. Bright colors invigorate, pastel colors calm. Combinations of different colors are synonyms with certain life stages… bright red, yellow, and blue arrive […]

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  • What can I put in my water to make my flowers last longer?

    At a workshop over the weekend I was reminded of the most frequently asked question I get when teaching floral design. What can I put in my water to make my flowers last longer? My students know cut flowers will not last forever, but most are ready to do what it takes to keep their […]

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  • Vase Groupings

    Vase groupings... Lil' vases, lota punch Of all the vases I own, time and time again I refill most frequently my little grouping vases. First, they are almost always out on my window sill or displayed on a shelf. In sight, I pop blooms in them way more often than those containers I have to [...] Continue Reading
  • Common flowers that can be toxic to pets

    One of my dear friends is a dedicated veterinarian. She’s shared stores of super close and scary near death episodes of when her passion and mine collide. Your fur baby could be in grave danger right now! And if you’re anything like us (crazy dog and cat maniacs), you’ll want to listen up. Lurking in […]

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  • Flower Arranging with Kids

    My kids love flowers (probably because I love flowers:) They love to cut flowers from the garden and pick them out from the grocery store. I love to have impromptu arranging parties with my kids whenever time and extra floral product allow. I’m going to share my secrets with you so you can expose your [...] Continue Reading
  • Creating Flower Fix

    Let me set the scene. It’s Monday morning and you’re in the shower with a building sense of dread. You’re expecting work to be a shit-storm today, there’s about 12 people you’ve been meaning to get back to, laundry to your eyeballs, school lunches (heck, even your own lunch!) to pack, and hang on a […]

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