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Halcyon Corvus Coffee Blooming Mug Gift

Colorado's best roaster (and coolest coffee labeler) provides the inspiration for this duo...Handcrafted mug and flowers with Corvus Halcyon coffee.   There is even a little succulent plant included to keep and plant long after the blooms and caffeine fade.  It's a fantastic "thank you" gift, hostess gift, or day brightener.

Halcyon is a blend created for richness and balance. It's designed to be a chocolatey, full bodied cup of coffee with just enough acidity to lift the flavor but not overpower the experience. It's currently a blend of a single estate Brazil, San Pedro from Colombia, and natural Sonora from Costa Rica.

You'll like this coffee if: You like more full bodied and chocolate forward coffees. You enjoy dark beers, chile mole`, or peanut brittle