Succulent Terrarium

Showcase the beauty of low-maintenance succulent plants within a stunning glass container.  This modern plant gift is sure to “wow” friends, clients or family.   Easy to care for, and requires little maintenance, set it and forget it. 

Size Options

  • Large 14.5” X 8 (shown) $79.95
  • Small 11” X 6.5 $49.95

Features and Benefits of a Succulent Terrarium

  • Low-maintenance and easy care
  • Effortlessly update your interior space
  • Modern shape and soft desert colors
  • Easy to propagate.

Care and Handling of a Succulent Terrarium

  • Place in moderate bright sunlight
  • Minimally water 1-3 times per month.
  • Water the soil, getting water on leaves may cause them to rot.
  • Allow plant to dry out completely before watering.

What to Expect from Your Order

Welcome your new plant friend in and talk to him lovingly.  As you do, he will begin purifying your air and making oxygen for you.

When you receive your plant, it will come with enough water to be carefree for about 7 days. After this time, check water level once per week and allow soil to dry before rewatering.  

The photos you see on our website are examples, we can not guarantee an exact match.  At times we make substitutions when varieties are out of season or do not meet our standards.

A Succulent Terrarium is Ideal For…

A succulent terrarium is a super stylish gift for anyone wanting a low-maintenance plant that will add a modern touch to any space.  Not only will this houseplant add beauty to your space, the glass terrarium reflects light and becomes a conversation piece.  This plant looks fantastic in both a home or office.  It’s the perfect housewarming gift, or client “thank-you”.  This is a great “starter plant” for someone wanting to be a plant parent.