Caring for Your Succulent Garden


How to Care for Your Succulent Gardens  

They like 6 hours of sun per day. Rotate your container frequently so the plants stay symmetrical. Water once a week in the summer months. Water once every two weeks in the winter months. Make sure soil is dry before watering.

How to Plant Succulents from Your Floral Arrangements

  • Once your flowers are spent, remove succulent plants from bouquet.
  • Gently remove wire, moss, and plastic wrap from plant.
  • Place succulent soil provided in water proof container of your choice.
  • Gently nestle your succulent plants down into the soil, with bottom leaves above the soil level.
  • Water lightly. Place in a sunny window.
  • Let soil completely dry out in between waterings. Water 1x every week in summer, 1x every 3-4 weeks in winter.

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