Fresh Flower Ordering Tips for an Epic Valentine’s Day


It’s that time of year when love is in the air and sending flowers to your sweetheart is on your to-do list. We know you want to impress with a special gift of romantic blooms and we are here to help you become a flower sending hero. Follow the simple tips from our Valentine’s Day Flower experts to ensure your gift is amazing this year.

Make sure you are getting the freshest flowers possible with delivery before the 14th!

  • Always have your floral gift delivered before the 14th. You will be guaranteed to get fresher flowers. Keep in mind that most Valentine’s Day flowers arrive at flower shops 4 days prior to the 14th, so whether you select the 12th or the 14th for your delivery date…all blooms are cut at the farm on the same day. We’d like our blooms in your hands, rather than our coolers. 
  • Expect more creative designs and greater attention to detail with earlier delivery. Designers will still be energized and enthusiastic to flex their creative muscles. They will have time and not feel rushed to pay closer attention to detail and have more gorgeous blooms to work with on the 12th or 13th. 
  • Improve longevity with early delivery. You can expect priority delivery and greater attention to delivery detail on the 12th or 13th. Most shops hire extra delivery help for the 14th. And although we strive to always have a fantastic skilled delivery specialists, it’s hard to do that each busy flower holiday. Unfortunately it is not possible for all flower deliveries to leave the shop at 9am and arrive at their destination by 9:15 am on a holiday. Gifts are routed by geographical area and although your gift may leave the shop at 9am, it could be 1-3 hours before it is delivered. 
  • An early delivery is more likely to make the recipient feel more special. They will already be enjoying and posting Instagram worthy photos of your gift before any of their friends or co-workers. 

Get the most bang for your buck by letting the designers choose. 

By selecting “Designer’s Choice” and your preferred color palette, you will always get the most flowers for your money. This option gives the designer the ability to pick the prettiest blooms and maybe a new fan favorite you haven’t been introduced to yet. Mixing sentimental roses with other fun blooms and romantic foliage creates a unique and more valuable appearing bouquet than just a standard 12 roses designed like every grocery store chain provides. If you love red roses, pair them with orchids or tulips. Try mixing the color of roses you send, you will get the sentiment of the roses with a mixed bouquet look. 

Bonus tips for the most WOW

  1. Always add a little extra gift with flowers, like chocolates, a bottle of champagne/wine, or a bath bomb….this elevates your gift and creates more of a wow factor. Our delivery specialists have reported getting a huge response at the front door when after being handed a bouquet of flowers, an even more unexpected pretty wrapped gift is presented.
  2. Don’t forget your single friends. Valentine’s Day flowers are not just for romance. A gift of flowers delivered to your gal pal or bro will definitely keep singles from feeling left out of the day and are sure to make a meaningful impression. 

Be a flower holiday hero and share this article with everyone you know who sends valentine gifts (hint, hint). And as always, feel free to message us with any of your valentine flower questions. We’re always here to partner with you to turn your thoughtful intentions and heart-felt emotions into an AMAZING visual gift of flowers. 

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And be sure to check out how to care for your blooms after they arrive in this blog post caring for fresh blooms.


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