How to Create Lasting Holiday Memories


How to easily style your table with fresh flowers to create lasting holiday memories

All of us want Instagram post-worthy holiday tablescapes. Gathering lots of items and coming up with ideas can be overwhelming, especially since you already have a meal to plan and likely houseguests.  

With a few simple tricks, you too can effortlessly style a dynamite table your family will be talking about for years to come.
  • Purchase one loose bundle of seasonal blooms
  • Create small bouquets by pairing one type of focal flower with one type of foliage or filler
  • Use rocks glasses or small decorative serving bowls or coffee mugs for vases
  • Scatter bouquets down the middle of your rectangle table, or in a cluster for round tables
  • Add one seasonal decorative item like pine cones, mandarin oranges, apples, or leaves/foliage next to each vase and in between serving dishes
  • Finish with 5-6 electric votive candles scattered down the table


Grab one more bundle of loose blooms, place in glasses like you did for the table, add one in each guest room, powder room, and maybe a coffee table to spread the hand-touched seasonal decor everywhere.

Viola!Let the warm memories begin.

Purchase your seasonal bloom bunch today! 

Or order a completed centerpiece lovingly designed by our family for yours.

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