Hydrangea are such a lush full fantastic flower. They are native to Asia and the  Americas. If you are looking for a flower with show appeal, hydrangea flowers are truly stunning. They can be found showing off seasonal colors late summer all through fall. Many hydrangea varieties make fantastic cut flowers. Their large blooms look great on their own, or paired with most any flower. I personally love a tall vase of single variety hydrangea, but a low lush bouquet with garden roses and hydrangea make a great addition to any dining table.

Occasionally I hear from customers that they love hydrangea, but that they wilt quickly. Although this can be true, most hydrangeas last 5-7 days, if cared for properly. They also dry nicely. Let’s take a minute to talk about hydrangea care and how to revive a bloom you feel may have wilted before its time. 

Hydrangeas require a ton of water. Each blooms drinks around 1/4 cup per day.    They have a fragile intake system that can easily be clogged. I’ve found the key to refreshing blooms and increasing life length is cutting the stems at a very severe angle. Hydrangea intake their water on the outer edge of the stem, so slicing with a paring knife at a very sharp angle increases the chances of the bloom getting enough water to hydrate its large bloom. I have found that it may take several tries to adequately cut the stem so it can intake water properly.

✂️ My suggestion: cut the stem and immediately place in freshwater. If the bloom doesn’t begin to rehydrate in an hour, repeat the procedure until it does. I’ve seen loads of tips for how to refresh blooms, but as a 20 year+ florist, this is the process I have found works the best.  

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