Flowers Can Be Your "Complementary Medicine"


The importance of self-care has become more and more obvious since the pandemic and with added attention on mental health. Chatting with my personal therapist, she has noted a huge increase in demand for mental health support, and rarely a week goes by without an email from my children’s school detailing resources for mental health care for teens. With Covid-related stress and our fast-paced lifestyles taking a huge daily toll, many experts are advising personal lifestyle changes to relieve the pressure.

A recent study from the American Society for Horticulture Science demonstrated flowers have a natural ability to help you feel more joyful, strengthen feelings of compassion, and spur creativity. They have even been known to reduce stress and help create feelings of happiness. This study found having fresh flowers in your home can actually help you feel better, both mentally and physically. For the study, 90 patients who were recovering from appendectomies were split into recovery rooms with either fresh or no flowers, and the results were noteworthy. The patients with flowers had a lower blood pressure and heart rate, lower ratings of pain, anxiety and fatigue, and a higher satisfaction with their rooms than patients without flower blooms around. The authors of the study suggested flowers can be a “complementary medicine” for recovering patients. 

Even if you aren’t recovering from surgery, just seeing beautiful flowers can brighten your mood. Consider signing up for one of our monthly bloom bunches for yourself or a friend who could use a little mood lifter.

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