Lily Care and Yucky Anther Removal


Lilies are gorgeous, fragrant, classic flowers available year round. 

They come in a variety of beautiful of shades and are the ideal hostess gift! Lilies have a long vase life of around 10-14 days.

Lilies do have one tiny and colorful downside…they produce lots of pollen.  When displaying them in your home, it is a good idea to remove the yellow anthers once the flower is open.  This prevents pollen from staining the petals or your home.  For a step by step tutorial on how to remove the anthers...Lily Anther Removal

The foliage of the lily is quick to wilt and discolor.  I generally remove all of the leaves from the lily at the time the lowest bloom is spent and needs to be removed.  Lilies prefer cool environments.  Make sure to place out of direct sunlight and in a cooler area of your home or room.  

Like other cut flowers, lilies require fresh water to survive.  Many bouquet recipients make the mistake of filling up the vase once, then allowing the lilies to stay in the same water until they wilt.  To prolong the life of your lilies, replace the water often and make sure any little floating bits of plant product is flushed from the vase.  


  1. Clip off fading blooms from the lower portion of the stem to make room for new ones.  
  2. Change the water and re-trim ½ inch from the stems every few days to maximize vase life.  


  • Lilies are toxic to dogs and cats.  Make sure you keep lilies and their foliage out of reach from your furry friends.  
  • There are many different lily varieties! The two most popular are Asiatic (mid-sized and unscented) and Oriental lilies (larger and very fragrant….common Oriental lily is the stargazer).

Send a bouquet of lilies to a friend today! 


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