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Bright Blooms

Bright Blooms is a versatile and cheerful bouquet selection for lots of gift giving needs. We’ve designed this bouquet with colors and flowers that evoke happiness, like hot pink gerbera daisies and bright yellow sunflowers.  Created using a design style where colors and flower varieties are grouped together to create a bold impact, selecting this option looks far more hand-touched than other bouquets on the market.  Receiving this gift is sure to bring an ear to ear smile to the recipient’s face.  This bouquet is a best seller and easily evokes the universal feeling of joy upon delivery. 

Our Bright Blooms selection includes:

  • Standard $49 - This bouquet is designed with 8-9 flower blooms, 2 varieties of greenery, and a 4” x 4” clear glass vase. It is a perfect option for adding a pop of color to a side table or office desk. You can expect your finished bouquet to be about 7” X 7”.
  • Deluxe $79 - This bouquet boasts 12-16 focal flowers, 2-3 types of greenery varieties, and a 4” X 6” clear glass vase. It’s a wonderful size to fill a kitchen table or entry table. You can expect your finished bouquet to be about 10” X 10”.
  • Premium $129 - This bouquet shows off 18-20 focal flowers, 2-3 greenery varieties, and is designed in a 4” x 6’ x 10” clear glass vase. It is sure to brighten a kitchen island or a reception desk. This size is perfect for making a statement and the size many of our customers choose to give as a gift. You can expect your finished bouquet to be about 15” X 15”.

Features and Benefits

  • Contains premium flower varieties, such as roses, hydrangea, snapdragons, stock and cymbidium orchids. We never use mums, carnations or baby’s breath at our studio. 
  • Flowers are styled in a timeless rectangle glass vase, allowing for easy viewing of water levels.  It is also a perfect vessel to reuse for keeping stationary sorted, holding kitchen utensils, or even make-up or beauty products.
  • Each Bright Bloom Bouquet is carefully designed with market-fresh seasonal flowers.  -Our studio implements the industry’s highest care and handling procedures and uses premium products to ensure your bouquet lasts the optimal amount of time and blooms reach their full potential.  All water is treated with crystal clear floral food and preservative to keep your water clear and makes it easy for the blooms to drink. This preservative also helps feed the blooms so they last longer.  Bouquets are then spritzed with a finishing spray, adding hydration and moisture to combat Colorado’s dry air and lengthen bloom life.
  • Flower blooms are accented with 2 varieties of quality, long lasting greenery. We don’t use fillers or greenery that would shed on your furniture. You can expect to find some combination of eucalyptus, lemon leaf, pittosporum, arailia and aspidistra in your bouquet.
  • In-house custom designed enclosure cards are displayed by being tied on a natural branch with decorative ribbon, we do not use tacky plastic card picks or impersonal standardized tiny floral message cards.

What to expect from Bright Blooms

Once you have selected your desired bouquet and check out, You will receive an email confirming your order, so you know it successfully reached us.   Next, we’ll begin sourcing ingredients and preparing your order for delivery.  We design each bouquet using the displayed bouquet as a guideline.  The photos you see on our website are examples, we can not guarantee an exact match.  At times we make substitutions when varieties are out of season or do not meet our standards.  Your bouquet is always designed with the general look, feel and color palette of the selected bouquet and will always contain the equivalent dollar value.  Our designers custom create your bouquet and bundle with any additional gift items for an exceptional presentation experience.  We add your sentiment to an enclosure card and pair with an address tag containing care instructions.  We carefully hand tie each message to a natural branch with ribbon and place front and center in the bouquet.  

Once in the hands of the recipient, our team member gives directions on how to take care of the gift as well as directs them to information provided on the enclosure tag and lets them know how to get ahold of us if they should want more details.  

The recipient can now select the perfect spot to proudly display your token of thoughtfulness.  Each time they pass by the bouquet or take in the gentle floral smell, they will be reminded of you and how much you care.  

With proper watering and care, your friend or loved one can expect to enjoy their bouquet for 6-10 days.  Instructions on how to prolong and enjoy this bouquet longer will be given for those who want to squeeze every ounce of joy from their gift.

Order Bright Blooms for Yourself

Bright blooms are a perfect addition to any get together or summer party.  Instantly and effortlessly add festive ambiance to your home by selecting Bright Blooms, checking out, and then prominently displaying after arrival.

Choose to Gift Bright Blooms

You’re looking for a bright and cheerful floral bouquet to brighten someone’s day.  Customers love gifting this for birthdays, congratulations, hospital stays and welcome home gifts.  You don’t have to be a flower expert to gift this bouquet of happiness.  Simply select your size, check out, and we’ll take care of delivering joy directly from you!  

Shipping and Delivery Information

Deliveries leave our studio at 9am.  You can expect your gift to arrive between 9:15am and 12pm.  Please make sure you supply us with a current address and phone number of where the recipient will be between these hours.  If you have placed a same day delivery request, orders will leave our studio at 2pm and can be expected to arrive between 2:15pm-4pm.  Our delivery team carefully loads your gift into our vehicle’s floral carrying system, which protects your gift from damage and guarantees pristine arrival despite transporting. The delivery specialist will photograph your gift upon arrival at the recipients door.  Next, we will ring bell/knock and attempt to place the gift in the hands of the recipient.  If successful, our team member will send you a confirmation email along with a photo of your gift.  If unsuccessful, we will contact the recipient by phone to confirm we can safely leave their gift until they return, or we will make arrangements with them to schedule a pick up from our studio in Parker at their convenience.  If you prefer for us to leave the gift for the recipient, instead of them coming to our studio if they do not answer the door, please let us know.  

About The Flower Fix

At Flower Fix, we're a local flower shop that provides flower delivery to the Parker, Colorado, Lone Tree, Colorado, and Castle Rock, Colorado areas. Our professional florist thoughtfully designs long-lasting flower bouquets with unique details that really add visual value. These details add a personal touch to your unique gift idea and set it apart from other Parker Colorado flower shops. Our training and studies in the Netherlands provide a fresh and unique perspective on floral design, which we use when creating each flower arrangement.  A flower delivery or gift box from Flower Fix will incite emotions when received by your client, family or someone special. 

Meet Monica

Founder, business woman, floral artist, mom and dog mom. Monica’s passion is to make meaningful connections with you, her customer, through her love of floral design. Our mission is to be your guide in selecting the perfect gift, provide friendly service, and go the extra mile to make your thoughtful gift a huge hit!