Designer's Choice Modern

Color Options:
  • Bright - This bouquet is designed with bright vibrant celebratory colors and flowers.  We will hand select a fantastic modern vase.
  • Pastel - This bouquet is designed with soft soothing colors and flowers.  Perfect for get well, sympathy or more soft occasions and recipients.
  • White/monochromatic - This bouquet will be designed with soft whites, creams and greens with a clean modern feel.  Send to comfort, show sympathy, or to your modern design loving friend.
Shape Options:
  • Low/Lush- Designed with stems low and a mass of color.  Low lush designs tend to last a bit longer due to the stem length and ease of water intake.  
  • Tall- Taller bouquet with structured style.  Adds height and drama to a space.  

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