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Antherium Plant

The Anthurium symbolizes hospitality with its open heart-shaped flower and inspires happiness and abundance.  The “flowers” of the Anthurium are some of the longest-lasting on earth, which means the dazzling color will last in your home for months and make a great statement piece.  They can be a bit finicky, and do require humidity and a green thumb.  


6” Pot in diameter and 20” in total height

Features of Antherium Plant

  • Bright red leaves give a pop of color.
  • Foliage is heart shaped and deep green.
  • Planted in a modern pot.

Care and Handling of Antherium Plant

  • Anthuriums do best in bright indirect light. The more light they have, the more blooms they will produce. However, direct light may burn their leaves.
  • Your Antherium will need watered when the soil is dry to the touch. Do not over water. Water when top 50% of soil is dry.
  • Anthuriums are toxic in large quantities, so keep away from nibbling pets.
  • Remove dying or fading flowers as soon as they appear. This helps the plant focus its energy on new growth.
  • Fertilize 1 X per month. with a liquid fertilizer for indoor plants.

Product Ideal For…

This Anthurium is the perfect gift for anyone wanting a pop of color with their green plant and a modern statement piece. This plant looks fantastic in both a home or office. It’s a great gift for an experienced plant parent or someone who loves taking care of everyone...and thing.