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Custom Bouquets

Our Custom Bouquets selection includes:

  • Bright - This bouquet is designed with bright vibrant celebratory colors and flowers.  We will hand select a fantastic glass vase.
  • Pastel - This bouquet is designed with soft soothing colors and flowers.  Perfect for get well, sympathy or more soft occasions and recipients.
  • White/monochromatic - This bouquet will be designed with soft whites, creams and greens with a clean modern feel.  Send to comfort, show sympathy, or to your modern design loving friend.
  • Low/Lush- Designed with stems low and full, perfect for a mass of color on a table or island.  Low lush designs tend to last a bit longer due to the stem length and ease of water intake.  
  • Tall- Taller bouquet with loose, unstructured style.  Adds height and drama to a space.  

Features and Benefits

  • Contains premium flower varieties, such as roses, hydrangea, snapdragons, stock and cymbidium orchids. We never use mums, carnations or baby’s breath at our studio. 
  • Flowers are styled in a timeless glass vase, allowing for easy viewing of water levels.  It is also a perfect vessel to reuse for keeping stationary sorted, holding kitchen utensils, or even make-up or beauty products.
  • Each Custom Bouquet is carefully designed with market-fresh seasonal flowers.  -Our studio implements the industry’s highest care and handling procedures and uses premium products to ensure your bouquet lasts the optimal amount of time and blooms reach their full potential.  All water is treated with crystal clear floral food and preservative to keep your water clear and makes it easy for the blooms to drink. This preservative also helps feed the blooms so they last longer.  Bouquets are then spritzed with a finishing spray, adding hydration and moisture to combat Colorado’s dry air and lengthen bloom life.
  • Flower blooms are accented with 2 varieties of quality, long lasting greenery. We don’t use fillers or greenery that would shed on your furniture. You can expect to find some combination of eucalyptus, lemon leaf, pittosporum, arailia and aspidistra in your bouquet.
  • In-house custom designed enclosure cards are displayed by being tied on a natural branch with decorative ribbon, we do not use tacky plastic card picks or impersonal standardized tiny floral message cards.

Order Bright Blooms for Yourself

Bright blooms are a perfect addition to any get together or summer party.  Instantly and effortlessly add festive ambiance to your home by selecting Bright Blooms, checking out, and then prominently displaying after arrival.

Choose to Gift Bright Blooms

You’re looking for a bright and cheerful floral bouquet to brighten someone’s day.  Customers love gifting this for birthdays, congratulations, hospital stays and welcome home gifts.  You don’t have to be a flower expert to gift this bouquet of happiness.  Simply select your size, check out, and we’ll take care of delivering joy directly from you!